Mount Rinjani

There is one more natural tourist destination in Lombok were well liked among connoisseurs of the trip, the Mount Rinjani, Lombok. Charm Lombok island famous as a region with baharinya tourist destinations such as Gili Trawangan, Senggigi Beach, and Kuta Lombok also exist on the allure of Mount Rinjani challenging and presents a beautifully charming landscape of height. Is not easily conquered Mount Rinjani because you have to climb more than 4 kilometers, not to mention passing through the barrier during the ascent.
Mount Rinjani
If you wish to travel to Mount Rinjani, should not just try. You have to have guts enough, adequate physical condition, as well as some basic knowledge of mountaineering. Mount Rinjani Lombok is located in the northern part of the island of Lombok, is the highest mountain in West Nusa Tenggara Province with a height of up to 3,726 meters above sea level. Mount Rinjani is also the third highest mountain in Indonesia.

According to a local story that develops, Mount Rinjani is the palace of the queen who became the dwelling place of the genie named Dewi Anjani. Dewi Anjani is the daughter of a king and queen named Datu Mr. Mas goddess who supposedly ruled a small kingdom on the island of Lombok.

Exoticism Mount Rinjani Lombok
Regardless whether or not the mythical Mount Rinjani Lombok, tourist attractions pride of the people of West Nusa Tenggara this store natural charm of the exotic and fascinating. Many interesting points that you can encounter on Mount Rinjani, starting from the crater, lakes, hot springs, caves, waterfalls, holes eruption, caldera panorama, peak, until the new lava flows.
Mount Rinjani
A number of tourist spot of Mount Rinjani and a favorite among tourists, namely Tetebatu, Senaru, and Sembalun with exotic natural beauty of the mountains. There is one spot that is not less attractive in the Mount Rinjani, Lombok, namely Segare Child, a natural lake formed by the eruption of Mount Rinjani in the past. Segare means the sea, thus Segare Children can be interpreted as a sea of ​​small children from Mount Rinjani.

By the local community, this lake is often referred to as the sea because the lake water is clear blue sea water like a native. Children Segare lakes are at an altitude of 2,800 meters and has various types of fish, such as fish harper, tilapia, until fish Mas.

Again according to local beliefs, supposedly Lake Kids Segare believed to cure various diseases. In fact, this place was once commonly used as the location of worship or ritual to get the science or magic objects.

ak away from Lake Segare Son, you can find a small mountain called Mount Baru or New Mountain. Not many people dare to conquer the summit of Mount Baru is because until now the volcano continues to emit gas.

Flora & Fauna Mount Rinjani in Lombok
Not only offers the charm of an exotic panorama, Mount Rinjani Lombok also presents the beauty of the flora and fauna. At an altitude of 1,000 meters to 2,000 meters in the south and west of the mountain, you can find a number of rare plants in the lowlands. These plants are Dysoxylum sp, Ficus Superba, and Pterospermum.

If you go up again until at an altitude of 2000 to 3000 meters, you will find plants Pine Mountain (Casuarina junghuhniana). Above an altitude of over 3,000 meters, not many plants that live in addition to the grass and flowers Edelweiss (Anaphalis javanica). If you switch the view to the east, you will see Acacia trees that grow there.

Mount Rinjani in Lombok, there are more than 109 species of birds. Some of these include many bird species found in Australia. There are also species of monkeys, deer, porcupines and originating from Bali. If you visit Pelawangan Sembalun, you will encounter species of long-tailed monkeys who like to disturb climbers. Flock of long-tailed monkeys usually have damaging tents climbers, and stealing food in the tent. Long-tailed monkey is known to be very smart and brave.

Because it saves a lot of the unique and exotic natural charm, Mount Rinjani Lombok frequently act as a trekking by the climbers who love a challenge and adventure. Every day, there are dozens of good climbers coming from the local area, outside the island, until the overseas adventure to make the climb.

But it is also important to note that despite its charm and beauty, Mount Rinjani, Lombok is also included one of the six most dangerous mountain in Indonesia. This is because the mountain still holds many mysteries yet unknown. Not infrequently, the sunny weather tba suddenly changed for the worse and may cause climbers lost, and shortly found dead.

These things of course is not a barrier for those who have prepared themselves as well as possible to travel to Mount Rinjani Lombok.

Travel route to Mount Rinjani
There are two ways to get to the location of Mount Rinjani Lombok, namely by land and air, depending on where you start the trip.
Mount Rinjani
If you start the journey from Banyuwangi, you must go to Gilimanuk Bali by using the ferry cost of Rp 8 thousand per person. From the port of Gilimanuk, proceed to Terminal Ubung Denpasar by using buses cost of Rp 35 thousand (approximately 3 hours drive). Ubung from the terminal, followed again to Terminal Mandalika Mataram costs Rp 25 thousand. Mandalika of the terminal, then riding a diversified market Elf towards Aikmel costs around Rp 20 thousand. In this market, you can buy the logistics needs in preparation for the climb to Mount Rinjani.

Lake Toba

The main allure of Lake Toba in North Sumatra lies in the heart of captivating natural beauty. The largest volcanic lake in the world is the prime tourist spot of North Sumatra, became one of the few Indonesian tourist destinations most visited by tourists, including Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Administratively, the Lake Toba region lie in seven districts in North Sumatra, namely Samosir, Toba Samosir, Simelungun, North Tapanuli, Humbang Hasundutan, Karo, and Dairi. This is due to the length of the lake that reaches up to 100 km with a width of 30 km. Toba lake has a maximum depth reaches 529 meters with an area of ​​1,130 square kilometers of the lake.

Geographically, Lake Toba is located in the Bukit Barisan mountains of North Sumatra province with the topography of the area dominated by hills and mountains. Region into the catchment area in the tourist area of ​​Lake Toba is composed of natural forests, meetings, plantations, until the mixture gardens. The lake water level is located at an altitude of 903 meters above sea level. Here enchanting natural panorama treats when you arrive in the region of Lake Toba with the airflow so cool.
Lake Toba
Lake Toba is a lake of volcanic activity results an old mountain, the lake created by a super volcanic eruption of Mount Toba happened about 69,000 to 77,000 years ago. The eruption of Mount Toba is thousands of times larger than normal and volcanic eruptions affect the world climate globally. This is the largest volcanic eruption on Earth ever known to man within the past 25 million years. The study found that the super volcanic dust from the eruption of the volcano early spread to the North Pole with the discovery of evidence of molecular forms of the same volcanic ash at 2,100 points. However, local communities have their own story about the formation of the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

According to legend, the lake came from the story of stealth fish family. There is a young man who is looking for fish and managed to get a fish. But it turns out that fish do not like fish normally, but can talk and transforming it into a flawless woman by the name of Toba. Long story short, they were married, but with the proviso that the young man should not even touched on the origins of the woman. In the course of their marriage, Toba finally gave birth to a son and named Naidoo. The children loved to eat. Until one day, Naidoo was asked by his mother to deliver food to his father in the fields. But on the way, Samosir devour the food. The father who has felt starved decided to go home. On the way, the father saw traces of food that the child spent earlier. Finally the father got angry and said that Naidoo was the son of a fish. In that instant, the rain was falling and the water out of the ground to create a lake that is now known by the name of Toba and an island in the middle called Samosir.

Lake Toba
Tourism Lake Toba you will be presenting captivating natural wonders on the island of Sumatra. Together with the Samosir island located in the middle of the lake, Lake Toba is the main icon of the tourist attractions in North Sumatra's most famous. Some of the most interesting activities carried out in the popular tourist area of ​​Lake Toba is swimming, boating scenes, to climb the mountain. All are wrapped in a puff of air is cool and clean and kaharmonisan beautiful natural blends.

Hotels in Lake Toba Tourism Regions
On the island of Samosir, Tuktuk is an area that a concentration of tourists where there are a variety of accommodation, ranging from guesthouses to homestay. While in town Parapat, the number of hotels and various other accommodation available in significant amounts. You can contact the hotel there or looking for a hotel in Parapat online. One book online are popular among connoisseurs of the trip is AGODA.

Transport to Lake Toba
The most common way to arrive in the region of Lake Toba is by taking the bus at Bus Terminal Pinang Baris Medan route Medan - Parapat and this trip will take a duration of 6 hours. Parapat is located as far as 176 km from Medan and available multiple modes of land transport, such as bus, car travel, taxis, and rental of private vehicles.

Bus ride, you only need to pay around Rp 40 thousand to Rp 50 thousand per person. Meanwhile, car travel will impose a tariff of Rp 70 thousand to 80 thousand per person. If you want to hire a private vehicle, you will be subject to a tariff of Rp 600-700 thousand per day.
Lake Toba at Night
In addition to route Medan - Parapat, you can also arrive in the tourist area of ​​Lake Toba bus ride route Medan - Berastagi and fees charged Rp 40 thousand per person. Upon arrival at Parapat, you can continue with your travel plans to Samosir Island or enjoy Lake Toba from Parapat. If you want to Samosir Island, you can be boarding a ferry at a cost of Rp 10 thousand per person.

Taka Bonerate National Park

Taka Bonerate National Park has the third largest coral atoll in the world after Kwajifein in the Marshal Islands and Suvadiva in Moldiva. Size atoll is about 220,000 hectares, with a coral reef flat area of ​​500 km².

Topography of the region is very unique and interesting, where the atoll consisting of a cluster of islands reefs and reef flats are spacious and sinks, forming islands with considerable amounts. Among the islands reefs, narrow straits there is a deep and steep. While on the surface of the reef, there are many small pools are deep and surrounded by coral reefs. At the time of low tide, is clearly visible dry land interspersed puddles that form small pools.

Taka Bonerate National Park
Plant located in coastal areas are dominated by coconut (Cocos nucifera), sea pandan (Pandanus sp.), Pine (Casuarina equisetifolia), and ketapan (Terminalia catappa).

Coral reefs are already identified as many as 261 species of 17 families including Pocillopora eydouxi, Montipora danae, palifera Acropora, Porites cylindrica, Pavona Clavus, Fungia concinna, and others. Most coral species have been formed atoll reefs (barrier reef) and reef edge (fringing reef). Everything is beautiful coral reefs and relatively intact.

There are about 295 species of reef fish and various types of fish consumption of high economic value such as groupers (Epinephelus spp.), Skipjack (Katsuwonus spp.), Napoleon wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) and rabbitfish (Siganus sp.).

A total of 244 species of mollusks including lola (Trochus niloticus), shellfish goat's head (Cassis cornuta), triton (Charonia tritonis), batulaga (Turbo spp.), Clam shell (Tridacna squamosa), pearl oyster (Pinctada spp.), And the hollow nautilus (Nautilus pompillius).

Taka Bonerate National Park
The types of turtles were recorded including the hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), green turtle (Chelonia mydas), and olive ridley turtles (Dermochelys coriacea).

A total of 15 islands in Taka Bonerate National Park can be done diving, snorkeling and other marine tourism.

Visit best season: April s / d June and October / December each year.

How to reach: mengg-use bus from Makassar to Bulukumba (153 km) and takes about five hours, and then to the ferry port Selayar Pamatata about two hours, which continued to Fortress about 1.5 hours. From Fortress to a nearby island, namely Small Rajuni use of timber ships about five hours.

Losari Beach

Talking about the beauty of coastal tourism in Indonesia is not endless, one of the beaches that keep the natural beauty is Losari beach. The beauty of Losari audible through the entire island in Indonesia. The beach is located at Jalan Comforter west of the city of Makassar.

The beach is a place for residents and newcomers Makassar to spend time in the morning, afternoon and evening to enjoy the view of the sunset is very beautiful. This beach has a unique and fascinating feature. One characteristic of Losari is the visitors can watch the sunrise and sunset at the same position.

Losari Beach
Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful waves that break the dike beach and the cool sea breeze blowing breeze, watching the seconds setting of the sun as a whole over the horizon, ranging from the color changes to shift its position to completely disappear from view ,

Besides beautiful beaches Sejong also known as the culinary center that sells food and snacks typical. A wide variety of culinary delights available for those of you who like to hunt a typical meal. One of them is favored in Losari coast is bananas Epe.

Unripe bananas were burned then flattened and given a mixture of brown sugar water can to keep warm while we looked at the ocean on the beach Losari. The visitors who come to this beach can also enjoy a wide variety of fresh seafood. Losari coast in the southern part, there is a cafe and a floating restaurant that uses traditional ships with a variety of menus, such as cooking stingrays, squid and lobster with prices ranging between Rp 10.000,- to Rp 30,000,-/serving.

Formerly apart in the café floating restaurant, on the beach there is also a tent stalls that line the length of approximately one kilometer, but now -warung tents selling seafood that has been moved to a place in front of the office of the Mayor of Makassar, which also still be around Losari beach.

Other advantages of this beach is visitors can access the Internet for free with Hot Spot along the beach Losari. In addition to the culinary facilities and beaches, beach Losari also serves as a means of exercise is in the morning the beach is full of people who jog while enjoying the beauty of the beach Losari.

To enjoy the beauty of Losari beach is free and is free of charge. If you visit this beach then do not forget to take pictures in front of the words "Losari". Access to the beach is easy Sejong. If your from Hasanuddin Airport, it only takes about 45 minutes to drive a motor vehicle, and if from Soekarno-Hatta port takes approximately 20 minutes.

Losari Beach
Many hotels near the beach Losari making it easier for you to choose a hotel during a visit to the beach Sejong, some hotels starry located around the shore Sejong is Amaris Hotel Pankkukang who are on the road Bougenville, Losari Beach Hotel which is right in front of the beach Losari or on the road Comforter no 10, Celebes Hotel in Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin.

Meanwhile those of you who want cheap accommodation Losari you can go Inns Semeru which cost less than Rp. 100,000 but the service is pretty good being in the way Jampea near China Town. In addition you can also go to the guesthouse Merapi, which has a little more expensive fare is on the path of Merapi.

Drini Beach and Coal Island

One of the beaches in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta has a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for you who like the quietness. Here there is a coral island on the shoreline and Drini Beach splitting up into two parts with the character opposite. Seen from the East side which was very quiet and on the West looks very fierce, therefore Drini Beach into a beach that has a dual character.

Will begin to smell the scent of the sea when you've started down a road that is smooth on the edge of Gunung region, it is a sign if you are getting closer to the beach. Located about two hours when driving from Jogja will be paid off when you've reached the Drini Beach.

Drini Beach and Coral Island
When the sun still emits brightness, and still kind enough to paint a blue sky add to the beauty of nature paintings, also will be the backdrop for the clean white sand. Meanwhile there is a coral island that floats lonely in the middle of the ocean.

Drini beach is also one special beaches in coastal landforms in Gunung because here there is a small island located in the middle, and divide it into two parts Drini beach. He said the island overgrown Santigi (Pemphis acidula), but the people here used to call it by the name of Drini. That is the reason why the beach and the island is named Drini. At the time of the sea is receding, you can go visit the island Drini. Do not need to be the only climber to climb the rock, because there are concrete steps that can lead visitors to the top.

From the top of the island Drini, you can view the entire Drini beach combing, and could see the mountains reed roof gazebo up with rows of fishing boats. But now there is no more Drini tree, only the sea pandan (Pandanus tectorius) which meets in every inch of ground, fighting over the life of the grass.
Drini Beach
Drini island that separates East and West sides of this beach and make it into two different characters. Like a man who has multiple personalities, on the one hand very quiet and gentle, while on the other hand so hard and fierce.

On the eastern coast, there are cliffs march proudly and arrogantly stand looks like a challenge as the ruler of the sea. Integrated with coral island, making the formation of a beautiful lagoon. With preservation of the raging waves, making it a comfortable place for a warm bath in the salty water.
The condition of the sea water in the Drini Beach greenish blue, with a wall and reef that surrounds the island, as well as open to the sky blue, plus a free view towards the open sea, is a picture of the magnificent natural beauty.

In the middle of the beach, one lane in the direction towards the Drini island, there is something that looks interesting. There will be seen a collection of thin black sand is very fine diameter broke the dominance of the white sand. If you are not too watchful eye, then this section will be missed. According to research, here there was once a subterranean river that empties into the Drini Beach. The flow is also carrying a black sand that is still viewable.

Drini Beach and Coral Island
On the western side of the beach also has a beautiful natural charm is no less exotic, a row of outrigger boats moored, was taking a break after a night has been struggling with the rigors of ocean waves South. Once you've tired around the coast of the tourist attractions in Jogja, you can rest in wooden gazebos thatched roofs. Here you can enjoy the freshness of coconut water that can relieve thirst pending the outcome of the fishermen catch fish mature burned. Drini Beach Holidays will make as if they were coming to the therapist. To restore tired in the legs and in the liver.

Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis located 27 km south of Yogyakarta and easily accessible by public transport which operates until 17:00 pk or private vehicles. The afternoon before sunset is the best time to visit the most popular beach in Yogyakarta. But if you arrive more quickly, it could not hurt to go up to the cliffs of Gembirawati behind this beach. From there we could see the entire area Parangtritis, the southern sea, up to the horizon.

Parangtritis Beach
I will tell you a secret. Not many people know that in the east cliff is hidden a temple ruins. Unlike the other temples located in a mountainous area, Temple Gembirawati just a few hundred meters from Parangtritis. To reach this temple, we can pass the ramp near the Hotel Queen of the South and into the walkway to the west about 100 meters. The faint rumble south ferocious sea waves can be heard from this temple.

Parangtritis very closely with the legend of the Queen of South. Many Javanese believe that Parangtritis is a magical kingdom Ratu Kidul gate which controls the southern ocean. Hotel Queen of the South is a resort named after this legend. Unfortunately this resort is rarely open when used to have a view that could make us breathless.

Romantic Sunset in Parangtritis Beach

When the sun has been biased toward the west and the sunny weather, it's time to have fun. Although visitors are prohibited from swimming, Parangtritis not lack the means to having fun. On the beach there are rental ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle), the tariff is Rp. 50,000 to 100,000 per half hour. Enter his gear and then release the clutch while pulling gas. Brrrrooom, four-wheeled all-terrain motorcycles will be sped take you across the sand dune beach.
Parangtritis Beach
Well, ATV may only be suitable for those who are adventurous. Another option is the gig. Along the surface of the waves washed the sand smooth with hansom 2 is no less enjoyable. The buggy will take us to the east end Parangtritis place so beautiful cluster of coral spot often used as a pre-wedding photo shoot. Twilight dim golden sun and shadow on the surface of water even evoke a romantic atmosphere.

Parangtritis also offers excitement for those who traveled with family. Kite flying with your baby is equally enjoyable. Very strong sea breeze helps to make a kite flying high, even if you have never played a kite though.
Parangtritis Beach
Still reluctant to return even though the sun had set? Soon some roasted corn sellers will hold a mat on the beach, we could hang out there until late at night. Still did not want to go home? Do not worry, in Parangtritis available dozens of inns and lodging at an affordable price.