Losari Beach

Talking about the beauty of coastal tourism in Indonesia is not endless, one of the beaches that keep the natural beauty is Losari beach. The beauty of Losari audible through the entire island in Indonesia. The beach is located at Jalan Comforter west of the city of Makassar.

The beach is a place for residents and newcomers Makassar to spend time in the morning, afternoon and evening to enjoy the view of the sunset is very beautiful. This beach has a unique and fascinating feature. One characteristic of Losari is the visitors can watch the sunrise and sunset at the same position.

Losari Beach
Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful waves that break the dike beach and the cool sea breeze blowing breeze, watching the seconds setting of the sun as a whole over the horizon, ranging from the color changes to shift its position to completely disappear from view ,

Besides beautiful beaches Sejong also known as the culinary center that sells food and snacks typical. A wide variety of culinary delights available for those of you who like to hunt a typical meal. One of them is favored in Losari coast is bananas Epe.

Unripe bananas were burned then flattened and given a mixture of brown sugar water can to keep warm while we looked at the ocean on the beach Losari. The visitors who come to this beach can also enjoy a wide variety of fresh seafood. Losari coast in the southern part, there is a cafe and a floating restaurant that uses traditional ships with a variety of menus, such as cooking stingrays, squid and lobster with prices ranging between Rp 10.000,- to Rp 30,000,-/serving.

Formerly apart in the café floating restaurant, on the beach there is also a tent stalls that line the length of approximately one kilometer, but now -warung tents selling seafood that has been moved to a place in front of the office of the Mayor of Makassar, which also still be around Losari beach.

Other advantages of this beach is visitors can access the Internet for free with Hot Spot along the beach Losari. In addition to the culinary facilities and beaches, beach Losari also serves as a means of exercise is in the morning the beach is full of people who jog while enjoying the beauty of the beach Losari.

To enjoy the beauty of Losari beach is free and is free of charge. If you visit this beach then do not forget to take pictures in front of the words "Losari". Access to the beach is easy Sejong. If your from Hasanuddin Airport, it only takes about 45 minutes to drive a motor vehicle, and if from Soekarno-Hatta port takes approximately 20 minutes.

Losari Beach
Many hotels near the beach Losari making it easier for you to choose a hotel during a visit to the beach Sejong, some hotels starry located around the shore Sejong is Amaris Hotel Pankkukang who are on the road Bougenville, Losari Beach Hotel which is right in front of the beach Losari or on the road Comforter no 10, Celebes Hotel in Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin.

Meanwhile those of you who want cheap accommodation Losari you can go Inns Semeru which cost less than Rp. 100,000 but the service is pretty good being in the way Jampea near China Town. In addition you can also go to the guesthouse Merapi, which has a little more expensive fare is on the path of Merapi.

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Losari Beach
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