Drini Beach and Coal Island

One of the beaches in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta has a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for you who like the quietness. Here there is a coral island on the shoreline and Drini Beach splitting up into two parts with the character opposite. Seen from the East side which was very quiet and on the West looks very fierce, therefore Drini Beach into a beach that has a dual character.

Will begin to smell the scent of the sea when you've started down a road that is smooth on the edge of Gunung region, it is a sign if you are getting closer to the beach. Located about two hours when driving from Jogja will be paid off when you've reached the Drini Beach.

Drini Beach and Coral Island
When the sun still emits brightness, and still kind enough to paint a blue sky add to the beauty of nature paintings, also will be the backdrop for the clean white sand. Meanwhile there is a coral island that floats lonely in the middle of the ocean.

Drini beach is also one special beaches in coastal landforms in Gunung because here there is a small island located in the middle, and divide it into two parts Drini beach. He said the island overgrown Santigi (Pemphis acidula), but the people here used to call it by the name of Drini. That is the reason why the beach and the island is named Drini. At the time of the sea is receding, you can go visit the island Drini. Do not need to be the only climber to climb the rock, because there are concrete steps that can lead visitors to the top.

From the top of the island Drini, you can view the entire Drini beach combing, and could see the mountains reed roof gazebo up with rows of fishing boats. But now there is no more Drini tree, only the sea pandan (Pandanus tectorius) which meets in every inch of ground, fighting over the life of the grass.
Drini Beach
Drini island that separates East and West sides of this beach and make it into two different characters. Like a man who has multiple personalities, on the one hand very quiet and gentle, while on the other hand so hard and fierce.

On the eastern coast, there are cliffs march proudly and arrogantly stand looks like a challenge as the ruler of the sea. Integrated with coral island, making the formation of a beautiful lagoon. With preservation of the raging waves, making it a comfortable place for a warm bath in the salty water.
The condition of the sea water in the Drini Beach greenish blue, with a wall and reef that surrounds the island, as well as open to the sky blue, plus a free view towards the open sea, is a picture of the magnificent natural beauty.

In the middle of the beach, one lane in the direction towards the Drini island, there is something that looks interesting. There will be seen a collection of thin black sand is very fine diameter broke the dominance of the white sand. If you are not too watchful eye, then this section will be missed. According to research, here there was once a subterranean river that empties into the Drini Beach. The flow is also carrying a black sand that is still viewable.

Drini Beach and Coral Island
On the western side of the beach also has a beautiful natural charm is no less exotic, a row of outrigger boats moored, was taking a break after a night has been struggling with the rigors of ocean waves South. Once you've tired around the coast of the tourist attractions in Jogja, you can rest in wooden gazebos thatched roofs. Here you can enjoy the freshness of coconut water that can relieve thirst pending the outcome of the fishermen catch fish mature burned. Drini Beach Holidays will make as if they were coming to the therapist. To restore tired in the legs and in the liver.

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Drini Beach and Coal Island
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